IZIP Electric Bikes For All!

IZIP eBikes has a wide range of electric bicycles for any rider’s need, from Leisure/Utility electric bikes, Trail/Sport electric bikes to Pavement/Sport electric bikes. Also, different price points, riding performance, colors and sizes!

Trail Sport Electric Bike

Trail/Sport electric bikes

Trail/Sport electric bikes are for people who mainly ride off-road in unpaved, snowy and steep trails. In this category, IZIP eBikes offers three models: the IZIP E3 Peak DS, a dual suspension eBike with great power, torque and the highest e-performance off-road. The IZIP E3 Peak, a dual sport electric bike, is an excellent solution for those who enjoy riding off-road or on pavement.  Finally, the IZIP E3 Sumo Fat-Tire eBike is an all year monster that tackles every terrain from dusty trails to sandy beaches to snowy surfaces.  

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Leisure Cargo Electric Bikes

Leisure/Utility electric bikes

Leisure/Utility electric bicycles are for people who are looking to have a relaxed and comfortable ride, need to carry heavy items, or transport kids around all year long. 

IZIP eBikes offers two leisure models: The IZIP E3 Vibe Plus, a new super-low step frame electric bike available in three sizes XS, S and Medium, great for those who are really short or have knee issues and cannot lift their leg over a higher frame. The IZIP E3 Zuma, a cruiser electric bike is excellent to ride on beach or lake bike paths or for those who love a throttle to boost their ride whenever is needed. It comes in multiple colors like: lime green, salmon, turquoise, blue, red, white and black! 
On the utility side, IZIP eBikes has two more models: The IZIP E3 Metro with a mounted front basket, very convenient to load some groceries, boxes, flower pots or even your small pet and the Yuba Spicy Curry, an award winning design cargo electric bike, which is considered the “mini-van” of the electric bicycles because you can transport two kids when accessorizing with some add-ons.  

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Pavement Sport Electric Bike

Pavement/Sports electric bikes

Pavement/Sports electric bikes are for people who mainly want to use their eBike to commute to work or explore the city. IZIP eBikes offers three models in this category: the IZIP E3 Dash, a speedy urban electric bike that helps beat your rush hour commute. The IZIP E3 Protour is the only eBike in the lineup that comes with a down tube integrated battery pack. It is a commuter-sport electric bike excellent for those who are looking for miles and miles of high-performance riding! The IZIP E3 Path Plus, the only IZIP eBike equipped with the Shimano STePS system, rides smoothly, has a European look and comes in both low step and diamond frame versions. These electric bikes are great for city riding and are really FUN! 

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As you can tell, we have an electric bicycle for each of you! Are you interested in an eBike but still not sure which is the right one for you? IZIP eBikes created a short quiz that will help you decide which IZIP electric bike is the ideal one for your unique needs! 

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