What is an Electric Bike?

What is an electric bike?

An Electric Bike, also known as an eBike is just a regular bicycle with a stronger frame which supports an electric motor drive system, lithium-ion battery pack and a custom user interface that controls the power assist and displays the electric bike’s power, speed, range and more.   

There are different types of Electric Bikes, some come with a hub motor, rack battery pack and a full throttle to help you boost your ride. When you feel tired, a simple twist of the throttle will have the electric bike rolling, with no need to pedal. Today, the most popular type of electric bicycles are the ones that come with a centerdrive system.  This type of system makes an eBike more stable to ride so the rider has an excellent performance experience! Other electric bikes include a battery pack integrated in the down tube of the frame, making it look and feel more as a regular bike. The popular pedal assist system lets the rider pedal and the motor assists as needed. Currently IZIP eBikes are powered by the Currie Electro-Drive, the Shimano STePS System, and soon with the Bosch drive system. 

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