Why an Electric Bike?

Why Electric Bicycles!

Most people who own an electric bike use it for their daily commute to work or to take care of errands. They really depend on them to move around! Riding a regular bike already has lots of benefits that a car or other alternative transportation does not offer, like saving time, money in gas, maintenance, parking, tickets and insurance.  Biking by itself helps you take care of the environment and your community, be healthy, fit and enjoy more what a city can offer you or simply enjoy the beautiful landscapes if riding off-road. 

So, why an electric bike?  While riding a regular bike is great, if you are using it as your main transportation to go to work or move around you start having some challenges and getting a little bit uncomfortable. Who likes to get all sweaty on the way to work? No one, unless you can take a shower at work and have the time! Who likes to get to work and back home faster? Everyone! An electric bicycle helps you go further, ride smoothly and have FUN all at the same time! What about steep hills? An electric bike helps you climb them with ease. What about a bum knee?  An electric bike can keep you cycling.  You still need to charge your eBike’s battery pack, but you will get an average of 20-25miles range depending on the rider’s weight and type of terrain. The good news is riding an electric bike costs only pennies per charge and you’ll save lots of money compared to other ways of transportation.

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