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IZIP eBike Photo/Video/Story Contest!

Do you own an IZIP eBike? Would you like to have a chance to WIN another IZIP electric bike so you can share the eBike love with someone you care about?

WAIT.... What if you don’t own an IZIP eBike?

IZIP eBikes is GIVING AWAY an IZIP E3 Dash ($2900 value)!

IZIP E3 Dash Black Electric BikeTo enter the contest, you can visit a dealer and test ride some IZIP electric bikes, take a photo or video of someone riding an IZIP eBike, or submit a story about your IZIP eBike experience! IZIP eBikes participates in multiple demo events all year long in different cities and also has authorized dealers throughout the U.S.  Check the IZIP Dealer Locator to find the closest dealer in your area or follow IZIP USA on social media - and for more information about electric bike demo events!
Don’t miss the chance to enter to WIN one of the most popular commuter electric bikes, the E3 Dash. It’s FUN, FAST and EFFICIENT! No matter if you ride this eBike to commute to work or simply cruise to the coffee shop, owning a brand new IZIP eBike is totally worth it!

Submit your best IZIP Electric Bike Photo/Video/Story for a chance to WIN! Just follow these steps:

1) Take a photo/video of someone riding an IZIP eBike or tell your eBike Story!
2) Share it on Instagram and tag @izipusa #betterwithanebike 


You can submit your photo/video/story at

Don’t miss the opportunity to enter to win an IZIP eBike. Please read the contest terms and conditions, and don’t delay…what if you forget to enter and miss your chance to be a WINNER?!?!
The contest ends August 31, 2016. You still have time but don’t leave it until last minute, this is something you don’t want to forget to do!!!

Good Luck!

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